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Mobile App Development Delivering on-demand mobile app experiences for startups and enterprise clients by leveraging the latest technologies. Dedicated Development Teams Our team have the necessary niche skills, deep expertise and are highly loyal. Enterprise Software Development Leverage out expertise to create a solid software foundation for your organization. Driving Transformation with data and Intelligence We promise strong business foundation to deliver greater efficiency, sustainability and improved compliance.

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Cumulative experience of over 20 years in the IT Industry

Netspeq Solutions stands for innovation and simplicity. It has been operating in Gangtok, Sikkim since 2014 and has etched its footprints by delivering comprehensive, top-quality and cost-effective solutions for our clients. We believe that catering to any client for IT-related services is a process involving mutual trust and confidence. We also believe in developing a perfect delivery engine and aligning ourselves with emerging business needs.

Our organization is built upon the belief that the quality of our work establishes our reputation. We go all out in our efforts to provide quality services to our clients.

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We run all kinds of services in form of Information & Technology

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We believe in developing elegant and affordable technology solutions and design our service delivery mechanism that enables our clients to strengthen their business and processes using our skills and expertise.

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